Using the MI Legislative website

A wealth of information can be found on the Michigan Legislature website including, but not limited to, the information listed below. It is important to spend time getting comfortable getting around the website.

  • Look up the status of any bill which has been introduced. Just type in the Bill Number you are interested in finding out more about. You do NOT have to type in “HB” or “SB”… just the bill number.
  • Access current Michigan law in any of the MCL search boxes. Type in the number of the statute you want to look up (ex. 750.520c).
  • Do a quick find on “Often Requested Laws”, such as SORA, Setting Aside Convictions, Adoption Code, Child Custody Act, Crime Victim’s Rights Act, Landlord and Tenant, etc.
  • Find links to the House or Senate, which are at the bottom of the home page and include how to contact your Representative or Senator.
  • If you want to know when the House or Senate are in session click on “Session Schedules”.
  • In the left hand column of the home page is a link to “Committees” where you can find out what legislators are sitting on any particular committee in the House or Senate. If you go to any committee home page you can find out when a meeting is being held and what bills they will be considering.
  • Find out about pertinent scheduled Committee meetings and get on their email mailing lists. On the House Committee webpage ( you can subscribe to get notices when a committee meeting is being held. It would be good to get House Judiciary and Criminal Justice notices. On the Senate Committee webpage ( it would be good to sign up to get Senate Judiciary notifications. It is important to note that notice of committee meetings usually comes out 1-3 business days before a meeting is going to be held.
  • At the top of the home page you are given the opportunity to register to have an account with the site. Individuals who register can set up to get notifications when specific bills (or types of bills) are introduced or changed. On the “Notify” page there is a video tutorial on how to use the notification service.


Registered User System Features

This explanation of the benefits of being a registered user of the Michigan Legislature website came directly from their website.

Registering as a user of the Michigan Legislature website is free and simple. Once registered, you will gain access to the following features:

  • Notification Service

Registered users can sign up to be notified when items of interest change or are added to this website. Notification will be in the form of an email sent to the participant when there is activity on the items they have chosen to “watch”. Learn more.

  • Personal Filing Cabinet
    Registered users can save searches and “bookmarks” to specific pages of the law in a personal filing cabinet for quick reference later. Unlike printed copies or documents saved to disk, which can quickly become outdated, information stored in the filing cabinet will always remain current.
  • Print Basket
    Collections of diverse MCL section documents can be placed into a registered user’s print basket, which allows the creation of a single, custom document for printing. Such a virtual document can also be saved into the filing cabinet, where it will automatically reflect changes made to the MCL sections it contains.
  • Site Personalization
    For quick and easy access to information, experienced registered users can arrange their own navigation layout. Learn more.
  • Begin User Registration


Frequently Asked Questions about the Michigan Legislature website

Answers a lot of commonly asked questions on how to benefit from the Michigan Legislature website.