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What do I need to do if I want to travel for more than 7 days?

If a registrant is expecting to be gone from their residence, within the US, for more than 7 days they are required to report this to law enforcement within 3 business days.

If a registrant is taking a trip out of the country, and plans to be gone for more than 7 days, they are required to notify law enforcement no later than 21 days before they travel.

How do I find out what is required of me if I travel to another state?

Every state has different registrant requirements. It is good to contact the registering authority for ANY state you wish to travel to, for any period of time. Some states require that you check in with them within, as little as, 24 hours of arriving. There is a document under the SORA General Information tab titled “Directory of State Sex Offender Registration Administrators” which lists the phone numbers of the registering authorities for each State.

How do I go about getting a passport?

You can find information on how to get a passport by reviewing the Passport Help Guide. Go to:

The application for a U.S. Passport can be found at:

Where can I find information on international travel?

You can find passport, visa, Consulate & Embassy information, and other information about any country, etc. at On the home page there is a place where you can enter the name of a country you would like to visit and information on that country will come up. Some of them say whether or not they allow someone with a conviction on their record to enter the country.

On Dec 10, 2016 Paul Rigney, founder of “Registrant Travel Action Group” spoke out about the effects of the newly passed “International Megan’s Law” and its Constitutionally effects for all American’s. This video can be found at: The video is about 38 minutes long but has a lot of good information on international Travel.

Mr. Rigney also has a website called Registrant TAG – Rights to Travel. This site has a list of countries and whether or not registrants have had issues traveling to these countries.