Tracking Legislation

As an advocate it is very important to track and follow legislation which you are interested in. Bills can sometimes move quickly through the process and key Committee meetings can be missed if Bills are not closely tracked. If you want to take an active role in legislation it is important to get the very latest, up to date, information on any bill which interests you.


Find legislation, or recently enacted laws, affecting Registrants:

  • Go to the Michigan Legislature website Home Page.
  • Click on “Bills” in the left hand column.
  • You can search bills by Category, Sponsor, the Public Act (PA) affected, committee, etc.
  • Search by PA “295 of 1994” and you will get a list of all introduced bills which could affect the Sex Offender Registration Act.
  • Anything on the list that has a PA number assigned to it is a bill which has been signed into law.
  • You can also search for key words. Type in Sex Offender, set-aside, parenting, an MCL number etc. and you can see what bill might have been introduced or passed in any particular word search.
  • On this page you can also subscribe to the legislative RSS news feed.


Michigan Legislature Website Help

This link contains contact information, FAQ, helpful tools and tutorial videos on tracking legislation. This is valuable, visual information on how to use the Michigan Legislature Website. The tutorial videos include:

  • Search for bills from the Home page
  • Overview of the Bills Page
  • Overview of the Committee Bill Record Search Page
  • Tracking Michigan Bills with Snarfer Part 1 – RSS Reader
  • Tracking Michigan Bills with Snarfer Part 2 – RSS Reader continued
  • Tracking Committee Meetings with FeedDemon – how to watch committee meetings online
  • Overview of the Notification Service