General SORA Links

Sex Offender Registration Act (Act 295 of 1994) – Complete and continually updated Michigan Sex Offender Registration law.

The Explanation of Duties to Register form DD-004a (dated 4/2014) is a form every registrant in Michigan is required to sign stating that they understand what is required of them. This form is a general list of what a registrant must do to stay compliant.

Michigan’s Public Sex Offender Website – Registrants who are on the public registry should check this site often to make sure their information is accurate and up to date.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry forms  – Link to Michigan State Police registration forms and the “Explanation of Duties to Register as a Sex Offender” document which all Michigan registrants are required to initial and sign stating that they understand what is required of them, as a registrant.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry Information – Link to Michigan State Police informational documents on the registry. Also includes a FAQ on Michigan’s Public Registry Website.


States Substantially Compliant with the Federal AWA Requirements

Currently there are 17 states that are substantially compliant with the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. Click on a state to read the report for that state. For more information, or a listing of Territories and Indian Country compliance, go to

State                               Date of substantial compliance

Alabama                                    July                   2011                            

Colorado                                   November         2013

Delaware                                   March                2010

Florida                                       December         2009

Kansas                                       July                    2011

Louisiana                                  July                    2011

Maryland                                   July                   2011

Michigan                                   May                   2011

Mississippi                                February          2011

Missouri                                     December        2011

Nevada                                       February          2011

Ohio                                           September       2009

Pennsylvania                            September       2012

South Carolina                            September      2012

South Dakota                            July                  2011

Tennessee                                 December       2011

Wyoming                                   April                2011


Directory of State Sex Offender Registration Administrators

NOTE: These phone numbers are subject to change and may require further research to get a new phone number.  Some of these phone numbers are to the main line for that State’s Division that handles Sex Offender issues, so you may have to ask for the Sex Offender Registration Unit or whatever they are called in that state. If the person you talk to does not know the answer to the question you have, ask them who you should call and get the phone number for that person. Please let us know if any contact information needs correcting.

State Department Phone number
Alabama Department of Public Safety (334) 353-1172
Alaska Department of Public Safety (907) 269-5550
Arizona Sex Offender Compliance Unit (602) 223-2877
Arkansas Arkansas Crime Information Center (501) 682-2222
California California Department of Justice,
Sex Offender Tracking Program
(916) 227-4974
Colorado Department of Public Safety (303) 239-4222
Connecticut Department of Public Safety (860) 685-8060
Delaware State Bureau of Identification,
Sex Offender Central Registry
(302) 672-5319
District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department
Sex Offender Registry Unit
(202) 727-4407
Florida Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Florida Offender Registration & Tracking Services
(850) 410-8572
Georgia Georgia Bureau of Investigation (404) 270-8465
Hawaii Sex Offender Registration Unit (808) 587-3100
Idaho Idaho State Police (208) 884-7305
Illinois Illinois State Police Registration Unit (217) 785-0653
Indiana Indiana Department of Correction (317) 232-1232
Iowa Dept. of Public Safety (515) 725-6050
Kansas Kansas Bureau of Investigation (785) 296-2841
Kentucky Kentucky State Police (502) 227-8700
Louisiana Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification & Information (800) 858-0551
Maine State Bureau of Identification/Sex Offender Registry (207) 624-7271
Maryland Maryland Department of Public Safety
and Correctional Services
(410) 585-3604
Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (978) 740-6400
Michigan Michigan State Police, Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) (866) 761-7678
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Corrections (651) 361-7340
Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Sex Offender Registry (601) 987-1540
Missouri Missouri State Highway Patrol, Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Sex Offender Registry Section (573) 526-6347
Montana Sexual of Violent Offender Registration Unit
Division of Criminal Investigation
(406) 444-2497
Nebraska Nebraska State Patrol, Sex Offender Registry (402) 471-8640
Nevada Nevada State Patrol, Sex Offender Registry (775) 684-6262
New Hampshire Department of Safety, Sex Offender Registry (603) 271-6344
New Jersey New Jersey State Police (609) 882-2000
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Public Safety (505) 827-9193
New York New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
Sex Offender Registry
(518) 457-3167
North Carolina NC State Bureau of Investigation (919) 662-4500
North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (701) 328-5500
Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation (740) 845-2221
Oklahoma Sex and Violent Offender Registration Unit (405) 425-2872
Oregon Oregon State Police (503) 934-0176
Pennsylvania PA State Police, Bureau of Records & Identification,
Megan’s Law Section
(866) 771-3170
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Department of Justice (787) 781-3445
Rhode Island Rhode Island State Police (401) 421-5268
South Carolina South Carolina Law Enforcement Dept. (803) 896-7142
South Dakota Office of the Attorney General,
Division of Criminal Investigation
(605) 773-3331
Tennessee Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (888) 837-4170
Texas Texas Department of Public Safety (512) 424-2800
Utah Utah Department of Corrections (801) 495-7700
Vermont Vermont Sex Offender Registry,
Vermont Criminal Information Center
(802) 241-5400
Virginia Virginia State Police (804) 674-2789
Washington Washington State Patrol (360) 534-5119
West Virginia West Virginia State Police (304) 746-2133
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Corrections,
Sex Offender Registration Program
(608) 240-5830
Wyoming Wyoming Sex offender Registry (307) 777-7809


If you find a number or department has changed please email us with the new number/department name. With your help we can try to keep this list updated.