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Communicating with Legislators:

It is VERY important to abide by all of the following guidelines when contacting legislators, whether by phone, email or in person:

  1. Stay in frequent contact with your personal legislators about this topic. Keep the issue fresh in their minds.
  2. Organize your thoughts prior to any communication.
  3. Stay on topic when you write to, call or visit with a legislator. Make your communication very specific to the legislation or issue you are addressing and do not get off on tangents.
  4. When emailing, start the email with Dear Senator_____ or Dear Representative________.
  5. Keep an email short and to the point! Legislators get hundreds of emails a day, so you want your points to catch their eye right away. Using bullets points sometimes helps.
  6. Make sure to use your grammar and spell-check. Do not use run-on sentences. Use paragraphs to make the email easier to read. If possible, have someone proof read the email for you
  7. In the subject line of your email put what your email is about (ex: HB 5213).
  8. At the very beginning of the email, if you are NOT writing to your personal legislator, tell why you are writing to them (ex.: because you are a member of the House Judiciary etc.) and let them know that you are also sending a copy to your Representative and/or Senator. Someone who is not your personal legislator will automatically send the email on to your legislator, whenever possible. This causes your legislator to get many copies of the same email.
  9. It is very important to be diplomatic, tactful and carefully explain exactly what you are looking to get across.
  10. Even if you are angry, do not let it show… explain what is WRONG with what the legislation is proposing and how it could affect you and/or your family members, or explain issues with the registry and how it is affecting you and your family members, etc.
  11. The main thing is, if you want to be considered credible, any communication must be professional, brief and well thought out.
  12. Follow-up any meeting with a thank you note reinforcing your main points.
  13. Speak from the heart!

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