Who We Are


Coalition for a Useful Registry

The Coalition for a Useful Registry (CUR) was formed in June 2006 with the specific purpose of working constructively and collaboratively to make the Michigan Sex Offender Registry (MSOR) a more meaningful and useful tool and something that can make a positive difference in society.  Early on, the focus was to address and attempt to educate legislators about juvenile and low-risk sex offenders who should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, but are encumbered by being listed on the MSOR and continue to be perceived as potential threats.

The CUR has formed a Professional Advisory Board and Steering Committee whose mission is to advise CUR on the best means to achieve its stated goals and to act as a public voice for the coalition.

We are a volunteer organization.

Donations made to the CUR are used to support our web site, hold various education and informational meetings and support our efforts to communicate and influence members of the legislature who deal with the issues that impact our members.


Professional Advisory Board (PAB)

The Professional Advisory Board to the Coalition for a Useful Registry

(PAB) is an organization that promotes public safety and constructive changes to sex offender laws in Michigan that would reduce the over-inclusion of juvenile and low-risk offenders. The PAB strives to make the Michigan Sex Offender Registry more meaningful and useful to everyone, while promoting the ability of low-risk offenders to achieve their potential as constructive members of society. The Board also undertakes research and advocacy.  The PAB is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals that includes prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, probation officers, victim and offender treatment professionals, professors of Law, Criminology & Sociology and workforce development professionals.

Chairman of the PAB is William (Bill) Buhl, J.D., retired 36th Circuit Court Judge.


We are now affiliated with:

RSOL Reform Sex Offender Laws.